Breaking Bad x Dirty Secret x Kiss My Hocks 247 Bred By:  Schwecke Genetics Semen:  $250/dose

As my travels take me, we were at Zach’s in the fall of ’22.  We went in his slat barn to look at boars and a few sows, and Bam Bam hopped up.  His stoutness and immaturity of bone was overwhelming to say the least.   Visually, he’s a bigger hog that is very good in his angles, stout headed, with great big feet.

My faith in the bottom side of his pedigree is even more gravitational.  His mom is a Dirty and his grandmother is the KMH sow that is also the mother of Cole Phillips’ Champion Hampshire Barrow at San Antonio in ’21.  There aren’t many firms that produce as many winners and high quality animals as Schwecke does on a consistent basis, and anytime we have an opportunity to tap into what they’re doing in Minnesota, we always take that chance. 

We are thrilled to have Bam Bam in Haskell.
Owned with Schwecke Genetics