Never Before x The King x Secret Weapon Bred By:  C&P Livestock Semen:  $250/dose

A boar that we purchased from Canales and Petrus in the Winter of ’22.  His pedigree was intriguing for many reasons, but this boar represented visually all the things that his pedigree stands for.  His grandmother is the Secret Weapon sow from Heimer that Tristanne Rasco showed in 2020 at San Antonio that was named Champion Crossbred Gilt.  Her ability to generate has been great for those guys, and even more exciting for us, there are several shots of Dirty and our sows in the first two generations of Frio’s pedigree.  

Our belief in immaturity and skeletal correctness will not fade, regardless of the times.  Frio has incredible angles, density, and in my opinion, combines the traits that Never Before and The King were responsible to contributing not only to winning show barrows, but also to their daughters that are consistently on the bottom side of many successful sows across the country.