Moving Furniture **NEW**

Backdrop x Family Ties x King of the Hill Bred By:  Lackey Livestock Semen:  $350/dose Contract Dosing Available

Moving Furniture is an exciting new herd sire that we can’t be more pleased to share with the public.  He’s been a standout since birth, and Rhett was determined of his future as soon as we moved him to the sale barn.  

The sow family behind him is one of our best!  His mother is a 131 (Family Ties x King of the Hill).  She’s a mate to Brandleyn Barrilleaux’s barrow that was Reserve in his division in the Dark Crosses in 2021 at Austin.  Their grandmother, 54-7, is as visually impressive as any sow that’s ever stood here.  If you were to ask Rhett or myself of the top end of our sows at the moment, the 33 litter End Game and 131 litter Family Ties sows would come up pretty quickly, and both are out of 54-7.

Moving Furniture gets better daily, and he’s a piece that we are excited in inject into our sow herd.  He’s got incredible shape and spread up high, his hip is LONG, and his hock and rear foot functions perfectly.  He’s got a show barrow head, and his proportions are ideal.  With what we’ve seen out of the Backdrop lineage, he’s a very complimentary piece of that and the Dirty Secret line!