Life Sentence x No Doubt Bred By:  Lackey/VanAusdall, Owned with C Bar Livestock

Standing at Genetic Edge

SNOWBALLS and his littermates were definitely a highlight of the 2020 Fall season. We work with the VanAusdall Family on breeding and mating some sows at their operation, and they have really focused on making good white ones and SNOWBALLS is a result of their effort.  A littermate to Snowballs was a class winner at Austin for the Hansen family!

The No Doubt mother of these pigs has some of our strongest white line sows in her pedigree. Not only has Life Sentence been on a great run lately, but there’s also a bit of fresh air in this pedigree for crossing back on the majority of white influenced pedigrees to make competitive southern classifying Yorkshires!

HE IS DENSE!! Take to sows with more look and that are a little bigger. He’ll add bone and feature with a good skeleton.

Snowballs (pictured in Spring 2021)
Class Champion, 2021 Rodeo Austin
Shown by Morgan Hansen
Littermate to SNOWBALLS