Case Closed x Life Sentence (96-8) Bred By:  Lackey Livestock Semen:  $250/dose

The question is often asked, “Where is this industry headed?” There’s no answer to that because the industry is built on subjectivity. Opinions vary. The direction of a trend is different from firm to firm, as it should be. Some strategies are based on popular opinion, while others have a plan based on conviction of how hogs should be made. 

My stubbornness for comfort, length of hip, and hogs that will grow and feed will not fade. I will always believe that sustainability is achievable by making hogs that perform for people. Whether it’s breeding stock, or show pigs. 

We have a responsibility to exhibitors to give them the best possible chance to exhibit their animal. Not to win, but to actually exhibit them. It’s because of that that our focus will always remain on function, growth, and comfort. Injecting exotic pieces on functional foundations are the times that we find the most success at backdrops, while still allowing the pigs that aren’t the caliber to win a successful placing for an exhibitor who aspires for a positive experience. 

76 is backed by one of the most potent sow families that has ever been here. He won’t create an exotic look up front nor will he improve hard shape. However, he will contribute to the most functional traits that consistently produce good pigs that will feed – and, in my opinion, there is incredible value in that.

Genetic Value:
96-1 (littermate to the mother of CC76) was the high-selling female we most recently offered in the 2023 Legends & Dreamers Genetic Sale in Nashville that was purchased by the Ottenwalter crew. Another sister, 96-6, is the Mother of Clift’s Champion Dark Cross at San Antonio in 2023. 96-8 was purchased by Schwecke Genetics in our 2022 Pick Ten Female Sale.