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LOGOZA Preventative Health Plan for Show Pigs

We understand keeping pigs healthy is stressful and often overwhelming… So, with the help of Dr. Jeff Logue, DVM and long-time customers, the Pedroza Family, we have put together a guide for PREVENTATIVE SHOW PIG HEALTH. With the use of a medicator and staying on schedule with routine health protocol, we hope to avoid major illness in your barn.  Of course things happen, no matter how hard you try…  So, for that, we have developed a chart to help you identify common illnesses, associated treatment recommendations and withdrawal period chart so you can stay within show/slaughter requirements.  Download Preventative Health Protocol and Symptom/Treatment Chart This is formatted as an 11×17 so adjust print settings as needed. These charts will be available to pick up at the Lackey Livestock Training Day as well. Quick Resources: Medicator: Order | SupportAntibiotics: Dr. Jeffrey Logue, DVM, Logue’s Champion Veterinary Services: (765) 973-8703 or text (937) […]

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